Quarantine Birthday Ideas

My daughter’s birthday is in February, but as soon as the New Year rolls in I start getting into party planning mode. What will we do this year? What is the theme going to be etc. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions where we live, unfortunately a party will be out of the question this year.

I know many parents are stuck on what to do with parties being off limits, so I thought I would compile a few ideas on how you can make your child’s birthday special without having a party!

  1. Have a YES day: I saw my friend Mckenzy do this for her daughter’s birthday recently, and I thought it was such a neat idea! What is a YES day you ask? Well simply put, you say YES to all your child’s requests for the day. They want a Popsicle for breakfast, sure thing kiddo!
  2. Birthday Parade: I’m sure most of you have seen one of these go down within the past year, they have become a very popular way to celebrate, but if you are unsure what a birthday parade is, let me tell you. Ask family and friends to drive by during a designated time to wish your child a Happy Birthday, while honking and waving from their vehicles. If you want to make it a little more special decorate your front yard, and have those willing decorate their vehicles. If some want to drop off gifts you could have a designated table for them to do so!
  3. Video Birthday Messages: Have loved ones record a small video of themselves sending birthday wishes before the big day, compile all the videos and play it for your child on their birthday. This would make such a great keepsake and I am sure would make anyone`s day. It would even be fun to have everyone record themselves singing happy birthday and play it while your child is blowing out the candles on their cake.
  4. Spa Day: Everyone loves being pampered. Set your home up like a spa, and offer your child a range of services from mani/pedis to facials. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest.
  5. Decorate The House: Just because you’re not having a party does not mean you can’t go all out with decor. Decorating is what I look forward to most and every year we have a different theme. My daughter is really into Barbie’s right now so you best believe I will be turning our house into a Barbie wonderland!

Virtual Party: Just because you cant have a party in person, does not mean you can`t have one at all! There are so many great online video chat services (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Party etc.) Send out invitations to the party with directions on how and when to join. Okay, everyone is on a video chat, but now what? You can totally be creative with this. Think of things you would traditionally do at birthday party, and put a fun virtual spin on it. I will list a few ideas in case you are stuck.

*Some of these ideas do require supplies so be sure to give the parents of invited guests a heads up so they can be prepared, or if you have enough time drop off or mail needed supplies ahead of time.*

  1. Keep Up The Balloon: Have everyone blow up their balloon and then on “go” all the kids have to try to keep their balloon from hitting the floor. Play a few rounds so everyone gets the hang of it.
  2. Playdoh Creations: With their playdoh ready to go, call out a random object and give the kiddo`s one minute to create what you called out. Have them show off their creations when they are done!
  3. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of common item kids could find around the house. Call out a certain item and give the kids 30 seconds to find it. You could do this just for fun or even do it for points. The kid with the most points at the end wins a prize (mail or drop one off if in your area)
  4. Teddy Bear Tea Party: Have guests dress up in their finest attire and have a tea party with their favorite teddies. Let each child show theirs off and tell everyone why it is special to them.

Happy Celebrating! I sure hope we can go back to having regular parties again soon!!

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